I’ll try and keep this concise

I’ll try and keep this concise; however, I have SO much to say about Liz, I admit, it will be a feat to summarize her services in a short review.
We worked with Liz on both the sale of our town home and the purchase of a new construction home in Middletown.
Sale: Liz’s professionalism, attention to detail, photographer choice, and tenacity brought our home under contract in just 4 days… for full asking price!
Purchase: Our build was a lengthy process, but not once did Liz make us feel forgotten or alone. She participated in EVERY aspect of our new construction process. She went to bat for us when we needed her. She was a plethora of knowledge and experience, a sympathetic friend when things went awry, she was a mentor and a true gem in a process that had many twists, turns, bumps and then… straightaways.

I could not imagine ever embarking on this journey without her guidance, and would HIGHLY recommend no one else embark on their own journey with anyone who offers less than Liz offered to us. Do yourself a favor, don’t settle for mediocrity, for sub-par pictures, and listings with grammatical errors pulling attention from your home. Don’t settle for a realtor who leads your search with their own agenda in mind, who doesn’t help you navigate the process with ease (or what feels like ‘ease’ just because she/he is there), who doesn’t lay it to you straight about value, schools, longevity of your investment.

Stop your search here!!
Liz is everything you could ever want (and much much more!) in a real estate professional.