Liz was an amazing agent.

Liz was an amazing agent. She works with her husband which makes the process mush easier. She was able to answer my questions and set up my appointments and he often would take me out house hunting while she was at another location. I loved this because it felt like I was able to get double the attention! They were both so good to my husband and I and wonderful with my parents and sister as well. Every one who meets them will automatically feel comfortable buying a house because they are extremely honest and make sure you will love your house and be able to afford it. Their way was always about me loving the house I ended up with, never just getting a house. I was confident that if I needed to look at 450 houses they would be equally as helpful showing the 450th as the 1st. There aren’t enough good things to say about them. This duo works so hard for their clients and really make you feel special.